Thursday, March 8, 2018

How does New account created

Yes, if you are in, you will received an email with this notification in your browser (chrome) like the image above.

Once you have been through a little quiz and question of your credibility of sort via wechat, you will received a private link like below from me only.

Before you will be accepted into the forum, yes you gonna go through painful question and long waiting for verification, but guess what, its gonna be all worth your time. You will know once you get in.

I will leak a little bit how to start once u get your private invitation link. Once your clicked the link i gave, you will be directed to a page like picture below

This is where you will fill in your info such as Username, Displayed Name and Password. once you accepted the invitation, you will need to activate your account in your email which you gave me. YES, it must be an active email.

Once you accepted the invitation you will received this view (mobile), but you are not done yet until you activate your account from your email. Yes! that why we need an active email, so we can be sure you are real not some robot/faker/scammer. if you do not activate your account you will received this error when you tried to login

 So you need  to go to your email, go to your spambox and confirm your new account

 Make sure you mark it as Not Spam, as you will continue to received an email about the website especially when someone message you privately.

Thats it guys. You are now welcome to the all new forum