Thursday, April 5, 2018

Security Features: Login Authenticator

If you enjoy your privacy and wish for more security to secure your account, especially if u want to prevent someone from accessing your account despite they steal your login account, yet they still cant login if you enable the new 2 step verification which also know as Login Authenticator.

You may install this from your  Android and iOS by Google Authenticator and on Windows Phone by Authenticator.

If you lost your phone you can still be able to logged in with your Google Account to retrieved codes from Google Authenticator


Go to your preferences and this menu will showed on your screen.

Click on the pencil besides Status: Off x

Type in your account password to setup the Two Factor Authentication

It will then showed a barcode for you to scan in Google Authenticator 

If you can scan using the barcode, you can enter the secret key manually.

After entered the secret key, in your Google Authenticator will generate a 6 digit number. Just copy that to the code section and it will be activated.

The next time you gonna logged in a new browser or computer, it will ask for the code from your phones. Even if other people had your logins, they will never be able to logged in into your account without the code from Google Authenticator in your phones